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Edusoul is a specialized platform that enhances efforts in Education with unique tools for Lesson planning, Modeling and Classroom management.

Why EduSoul?

Why edusoul
  • A Tool for Lesson Planning

    Edusoul is a platform for planning lessons based on effective and proven Education models. While maintaining the freedom of the teacher, it offers technological help for planning, execution and assessment.

  • A Unique Tool for Classroom Management

    It offers ways to manage classrooms, accept break requests, and grant permissions as well keep record for references. It also allows for processing students’ requests for help, thereby giving individual attention to students who have doubts.

  • Unparalleled Modeling Opportunities

    Teachers could model concepts for learning through explanations, asking questions, and even hyperlinking to external videos and documents.

    Digital Journals

    Teachers and students own highly interactive journals, where students copy and learn from the teacher’s workbook in real time, as well as save their notes for a specific lesson for teacher assessment. These tools can also be used for live modeling of concepts in the classroom. The beauty and helpfulness of these journals eliminate the need for thousands of paper copies of handouts, making our classrooms safer during this unprecedented time. Reading, writing, and focused notetaking skills of the students are enhanced all through the lessons.

  • A blend of Synchronous and Asynchronous Classrooms

    As we are going through tough times, this website helps manage and teach students who are attending in-person instruction and remote instruction at the same time.

What is Edusoul?

It is an innovation to reduce the workload of teachers and to organize teaching and learning by making education digitally meaningful.

What is Edusoul

Simple and
Easy-to-Use Dashboard

  • Active individual learner is the focus

  • Personalized learning made simple

  • Differentiation of instruction at its maximum

  • Lesson planning tools adding wings to the creativity of teachers

  • Modeling opportunities to teach with passion and purpose

  • Unique tools for classroom management

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